Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Our 3rd Anniversary of Married Bliss!

It has been 3 wonderful years!!! Getting better each day through all we go through. I feel so lucky and blessed to be married to Evan and have a little girl, Lucy!! Evan is my best friend!

So, this year we decided no gifts for our Anniversary since when we find and buy our home this summer, that will be our gift:) (House hunting is a little discouraging right now, we have already looked at 40 houses...ahhh) We hadn't planned anything for our anniversary, and on Sunday during church, I had the thought that I would get a babysitter and surprise Evan with going to do a session in the Denver Temple and then we had a free coupon for the Melting Pot.

I told Evan he had to be ready for our day at 8:45am, and along the way he asked what he should wear so I suggested his outfit, and then to throw him off a little, I asked him to check I-25 to see how traffic was, for sure then he would not guess we were going to the Temple. I am bad with surprises:) So we got dressed, I made breakfast tacos, Evan dressed Lucy, packed the diaper bag and we were on our way.

We dropped off Lucy and then on the way to I-25 I said, 'oh no, I forgot the tickets' (earlier I had told him we had tickets for something), so we were going to swing home really quickly "to get the tickets", and since we are about 6 houses down from the Temple, when we saw the Temple, I said, "just kidding, we are going to the Temple". Evan loved the surprise, and really was surprised:) Yay me for finally not spilling the beans on a surprise for him.

After the Temple we went to the Melting Pot, yay for coupons! So yummy! Since we didn't want to be gone all day we asked the waiter to be fast and bring everything all on top of each other. He did a great job! Yummy and speedy:) Cheese, salads, many different meats and fish, and chocolate to top it off! YAY!

Lucy had a great day and I was excited to pick her up, I missed her. This is our second date without her, (the first time she did great, but I missed her so much I cried a little). She is a great baby and we were told she did great! I am happy we can get a babysitter and not worry. We have some great girls in the ward that are willing to babysit for us:)

Well, new year, new goals, great husband, my best friend!!! I am happy to spend my fourth year with Evan. Can't wait to see what wonderful things happen this year:)

I love you Evan!!!

Here's a slight recap of a few of the happenings in the past year...

Found out we were pregnant!

Went to my 10 year HS Reunion, Evan had his 10 year mark too.

Wow was I pregnant!

Lucy arrived!

I got sick with some infections and spent about 3 weeks in the hospital,
Evan was right along side with me! Great husband!

Evan's turn for the hospital, he had his deviated septum worked on.

Evan received his Master's degree! Such a great thing!


Ann Marie said...

Happy Anniversary! Good job on the surprise and what a great way to spend your anniversary! A FREE coupon at the Melting Pot? How'd you get your hands on that? That's awesome! I'm glad that you had a great time! You've had quite the year! I hope this next year bring your family a lot of happinesss! Love you!

Humphries said...

Happy Anniversary! What an exciting year you guys have had, hope the ones to follow bring you much joy and happiness.

Carol said...

3rd anniversary i feel glad that you people are living together with love and care from 3 years!!!
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Anonymous said...

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