Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Lucy's new toy

So a friend of mine was getting rid of baby stuff, and gave us a fun new toy for Lucy. A baby jumper bouncy thingy:) She will love this, especially since she is now standing on me only holding my fingers. Lucy wears me out..she wants to stand so much, I think my arm muscles are growing:) When I try to sit her down she refuses and locks her legs and then talks to me like she is telling me to stop it or something. What a crack up! She also likes sitting on our laps holding onto our fingers and talks to us. When we sing to her she starts singing back, what a doll! I am glad something else can give her some entertainment and let me take a break every once in a while:)

This morning she woke up and laid in her crib for about half an hour and talked to herself, or I like to think the angels in the room watching over her:) After I feed her in the mornings, she will usually take a 3 hour nap after laying her down, but today I just kept hearing her on the monitor talking and giggling. She is definitely growing older and discovering that mommy can't 'make' her sleep..we shall see how this ends up. I guess I shouldn't bank on those morning naps anymore, so I am at least grateful she is sleeping 9-11 hours a night now. I feel blessed!

Oh yes, one last thing. Lucy is now scooting herself across the floor and up and down the crib. She turns and everything. Her little legs are getting so strong, and she is getting smarter. Too bad she doesn't know what to do when she pushes herself in a corner and gets stuck:)


Melissa said...

So precious...talking and giggling in the crib. It's so fun when they wake up happy and smiley. You're a wonderful mommy helping her stand up. Keep it up and soon you'll have body builder arms!

Carol said...

Oh she got new toy then she will be very happy with that!!!
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