Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Magic Erasers..they really are magical

Among other things like crayon off walls etc, Magic Erasers can do ANYTHING!

My sister handed down her kitchenAid to me. It definitely had a lot of love on it:) She cooks a LOT! I have eaten many yummy things that started in this machine.

Then I tried washing it with wipes, hot water, soap, it wouldn't budge. Then I remembered I had magic erasers. Amazing before and after!

Now it looks like this!

I can't wait to get cooking!


Jenn Howell said...

So what did Tina get to replace that?????

hilarybiddulph said...

She got a bosch..cool eh? Oh and I just realized that I haven't sent the xanthum gum to you, I will get it out this week..It's been crazy!

Bethany said...

Way to go, magic erasers! Looks great. I am sure you will have lots of cooking fun.