Saturday, May 21, 2011

This is how we start summer break:)

Evan is officially on Summer Break...let the chores and tasks, I mean the fun begin!

I have been searching for swing sets for a bit now, and I found one for $40, they accepted $30. We REALLY hoped that it wouldn't be a dud deal and missing parts(it was already taken apart and ready to sell). We had fun putting it together(only missing two bolts that we don't need until we decide to attach the slide), this is what our day looked like (with sick Lucy-but she was a trooper)

Lucy likes to read anywhere--the elliptical was moved for installation of our new windows

Evan mowed the lawn while Lucy and I walked the neighborhood blowing the white puffy dandelions. Then we began sorting and putting together our new swing set.

Lucy liked "helping" daddy
But we needed to get an allen wrench to help tighten everything so we all packed up and went to borrow a wrench, we saw a FREE sign and went in to a church handing out leftovers from a garage sale. We came back with a lot of loot, including a bike helmet just slighty too big for Lucy-I've got to hide it so she doesn't think that she needs it for her little bike:)

The finished product(I might spray paint to another color later)

Then we decided that Lucy didn't love the big girl swing because she kept slipping out and it wasn't safe for her or Peter. So we got some birthday money from Grandma Liz and Grandpa Steve and coupons from Toys R Us and came back with a new swing for the two cuties. The other swings will be saved for when they are older.

At the bottom is a video of Peter and Lucy swinging and squealing together.

After lots of swinging we came in for leftovers of gnocchi, bbq chicken, peaches, avocados, and cabbage salad...yum! Kids are a little sick and pooped and tucked into bed. Lucy kept dragging us by our hands and leading us to outside..she was NOT happy when we wouldn't go outside each time she wanted to go.

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A. Cobb Family said...

so jealous... i want my own swing set.