Sunday, October 18, 2009

A bit of a catch up:)

In no particular order, some of the happenings in the Biddulph family...

Lucy is so cute with her toys. She examines them to great detail, especially using her tongue:)

We bbq'd with our new tenants downstairs. They are awesome, we are glad to have made new friends. They even offered to help find and dispose of the creepy snake in the back yard, but they think it died in the freeze we had just a little bit ago..I hope so! I don't know why I am so creeped out by that yucky snake!

We visited Amy and she helped fix my car base

Sang to us

And Jefrie and Lucy practiced sharing:)

Lucy found my bra

Lucy saying goodbye to daddy as he goes to work and she gets ready for nap #1

Welcoming daddy home from work

Had dinner and games with Melanie and Jordan:)

A sleeping position that she likes that worries us a little:)

Trying out new car seats...she is a cutie!

Didn't know what to think of this thing....

Evan researched where the Adam's Family pinball machine game was and we tracked it down on his day off:) He was sooo happy!

Found Santa Claus enjoying baseball as much as Evan does!

Evan thought I was cute...I needed water:)

Evan's dream came true! He got to sit on the Rockies Coors Field grass to watch the fireworks after a game.

Evan found this on his phone and liked it!

She is a sweat pea! She likes to eat, green beans, peas, carrots, squash, oatmeal, rice, pears and sweet potato puffs..we are trying to introduce new food, slowly. She also is trying out a new sippy cup and loves it!

Evan sent this to me...what a cute husband!

Mommy and Lucy time- I wish I had more photos of us..working on that.

We bought bowling shoes and love to Bowl! I broke a 100!! YAHOO!

Evan's favorite activity! I think we are going every day with watching at least one game...yikes!

Leash, a friend of the Biddulph family came for the weekend.

Cuddling daddy, she was sooo sleepy!

Pictures with mommy!

Her favoite show! 'My Friends Tigger and Pooh' She LOVES this show and the new music on it.
To here the theme song, here is an ok version on youtube

My Friend's Tigger and Pooh-Them Song


Aaron and Amy said...

very nice update. :-)

Tanya and Bracken said...

those are some cute pics. thanks for putting them all up. it's weird to see lucy smiling in some of the pictures. she is such a cutie.