Monday, October 05, 2009

Busy Busy Busy

(Lucy chatting with Grandma Betty and Grandpa Romney.
They are serving a mission in Chile. TOO CUTE! She loves chatting with them every Monday and then takes her morning nap right after.)

So life is so busy for me right now. Lucy is growing so fast and learning to do so many new things. She is eating solids now and loves them...she prefers veggies to the fruit, I will have to take a picture of her trying to eat fruit. She does like liking apples when we eat them:) I want to start making her baby food so it is cheaper, we shall see, I need to look up a few more instructions before I start. I need to start her baby book, soon, I just can't find the baby book that I want to work with, a lot of books out there are too gaudy or cheesy. I finally packed up her little clothes, I can't believe how fast she is growing!! She sits by herself, eats solids, talks a LOT, coos, loves reading book and chewing on everything. She sleeps 11 1/2 hours a night, and is trying to cut down to 3 naps from 4. Lucy is getting to be a mommas girl, and everytime she sees me she reaches for me, makes me feel loved. She is getting used to tummy time, and when I cheer for her she likes it, otherwise it is not her thing. She grabs her feet while I feed her a bottle, and sometimes takes over holding the bottle. Her hair is growing so much, and I even put gel in it today:) She likes the cartoons, Dora and My Friends Tigger and Pooh. Loves peek-a-boo, and watching my feet. Loves cuddling me and Daddy. Goes to bed well, and lets us sleep in when we need to:)

We have had family and friends in and out and I can't remember the last time I had just to be by myself. My sister Tina lives 40 minutes away, and I don't think I have seen her for over a month or two...sad.

I have an ongoing list of things to get done on my white board. I update it every Sunday with new things, and I love crossing them off as they get done. If I am supposed to do something for you, I will, it is just taking me a while to get to some things.

I have recommitted to getting organized and staying on track. I am planning out my days hour by hour to make sure I am using my time wisely and prioritizing. (my mom would be proud of me, she always says to prioritize and schedule, even if it means just putting down a date and time for a bubble bath, and that it is ok to say no to people.) I am not able to do everything I want to do and go to everything I am invited to, but one day that may change. For now, Evan, Lucy and I are happy, and love spending time together. Family is very important to me.

Update on the house: It may take a lot LONGER than we had hoped for the house we bid on, so we are waiting and waiting and in the meantime looking at other houses in case there is a better opportunity for us. Pray for us please!!

I will catch up with more pictures, etc., later. Tomorrow is laundry day, bread day, and I will go check out a few more houses.



Jami said...

My baby likes to watch my feet, too! I wonder why that is... so cute! I love that they can sit up now, I forget he can and lay him down automatically, I need to do it more. She's such a cutie pie!

Melissa said...

Lucy is so stinkin' cute! Good luck with the house hunting and hoopla. I'm sure it's an ordeal.

Nezhone said...

Adorable picture! She's getting so big and she's so cute.

Nolo and Lauren said...

so cute... can't believe how well she sits up

Jeff & Michelle said...

She is so adorable. I can't believe how much she has grown up based on what she does and eats now. It's incredible how much they change over the first year or so. Great job on prioritizing! I like how you even schedule a bath and say no to some things. I need to be better about that!