Wednesday, October 28, 2009

pumpkins, Lucy, and lots of snow:)

Daddy getting Lucy ready for Trunk or treat

Our cute little pumpkin

This has been a crazy week. We have been so busy I don't even remember everything that went on, but here is a recap of a few things.

Tuesday we had a Trunk or Treat at our church, while it was cold and rainy...getting ready for snow, it was sooo fun. There was a girl there who dressed up as the H1N1 was hilarious, very creative and relevant:) Lucy got to show off her pumpkin beauty while daddy held her wearing Fred Flinestone. I tried to get him to wear only the costume, and show off his legs, but he wouldn't go for it..I told him Fred would never have worn jeans:)

Then the snow came in. There was rumor of a storm coming in, but you never know in Colorado, but it was true this time, good thing Evan and I raked bags and bags of leaves before it came in. Evan even broke an icicle off the roof for me to snack on:) I love the snow!!! All the schools around us had a snow day today except for Evan's school district. It took until lunch time for them to cancel school, and yay, no school tomorrow either. We are supposed to have another foot or two come in by tomorrow night, so we shall see.

Evan couldn't get his car in the driveway


Lynsey said...

What a cutie! I bet Lucy was quite the hit at the trunk or treat.

Marianne said...

I love your little cute. You'll have to tell me if you are ever up this way. I would love for Lucy to meet Jill.

Seth Jenson said...

Is that Fred Flintsone?!