Sunday, October 11, 2009

Not Going Private

So I have over 100 requests and I am only allowed 100, and I didn't know that you couldn't log in if you didn't have a google account, and so it is too confusing for some people to log in. I decided that I am just going to be more descrete with what I post. Sorry for the run around and all of that fun stuff... my blog is open to read:) Happy Reading!

Hilary and Evan


The McGowans said...

That is so neat! You are just loved. Your little family is adorable!

Michael said...

Hey Hilary! Love your comments, love the pictures, love everything! So glad to hear from you!

kerri ann said...

It is happy reading and Lucy is beautiful!

Anonymous said...


I didn't know you had a blog or a kid, so I was glad to recieve the two emails about trying to go private.

It was wonderful to see the Biddulph family so happy. Your husband cracks me up in all of his photos, he looks like he just got done screaming, "I LOVE HAVING A KID!" I don't have much interest in blogs, but I couldn't resist reading about your family.

Congratulations on all of your your expanding family and the obvious joy it is bringing you and your husband.

Best Wishes

Jon Wayne Nielsen