Thursday, November 05, 2009

another catch up:)

A pregnancy craving and a staple

Daddy and Lucy like playing upside down

Amy...she makes me smile!

Lucy LOVES my water bottle-especialy since she is teething.

Lucy cuddling daddy! I love it when she cuddles me this precious!

So Lucy is 6 1/2 months now and when we went in for her appointment she was 18.25 lbs and 27" long. About the low 80% on both..she is doing great and very healthy! She didn't love her shots, and looked at me like how could I ever let anything like that happen to was sad, and with my pregnancy hormones, surprisingly I didn't even cry..she was sure cuddly afterwards though:) She also popped her first tooth. She likes to chew on me, so last Sunday we were playing with me and bit down on me. That's how I found out:) It's fun seeing a little tooth in her mouth. There are so many wonderful things about her. She giggles and coos a lot, sometimes more than we would like during church:) Lucy loves eating news foods and grunts at me if I don't give it to her fast enough, or to tell me she is done. She naps really well, and even though the time change through her off for a couple days, she is back to sleeping 12 hours a night..her naps are a little off still, but we are working on it. Lucy is amazing and so good to me while I have had lots of morning sickness. She was so cute in her Halloween costume...and she helped daddy trick or treat so he could have some candy:)

Evan is doing well, baseball is over so I will definitely see him a lot more. His 30th birthday is coming up and he is getting very excited! I am planning a surprise for him, so we shall see if I can pull it off. He is so good to me and trys to make me so happy. He is really good at helping with Lucy and rubbing my feet when I am soooo tired! Lucy loves seeing him so much when he gets home from work. Now that she is teething, got her shots and dealing with a tired mama, she cuddles so cutely with Evan. They have a bedtime ritual of getting pj's, prayers and ready for bed. I have tried video taping them and pictures. Tonight was so cute when she was half asleep and cuddled into Evan.

I am doing well too! I am loving life and learning to appreciate it more each day. I think I have let other's opinions make me crazy for the last couple years, and I am done with that!!! I am happy with who I am and what I do, and I am going to live accordingly, no more letting other people get to me:) I am going to be me again:) I went and had lunch with Evan today, and it was so fun. Lucy and I walked the mall for 4 hours after that, and I loved getting all the compliments on Lucy..I dressed her really cute today:) One lady came up and said that Lucy was so cute and asked me if I thought it was so fun being a mom, and it is! Then she said, "God bless you" and that really made my day. Pregnancy hunger is really getting to me, I eat ALL OF THE TIME, and I have lost about 8 lbs...we shall see what happens.

We are hopefully going to close on our house soon...pray for us. I hope no other road blocks come in the way. Fortunately we will still get the tax credit. If anyone likes to do handyman things, paint, carpet, electrical etc...let me know:) We will trade, hire or feed you:)

I am all of a sudden really tired so I will post pics and post more later:) Thanks for all of you being so wonderful!


The And Fam said...

Hil, she is so cute!!! I can't believe how much she has grown. I take Bryce in next week for his 6 month checkup, so we'll see how they compare. I love seeing how they grow and hearing your stories of parenthood and what's going on with the Biddulph's. Thanks for sharing!

Nezhone said...

Congratulations on the pregnancy! How exciting for you all. Lucy is so cute.

Bethany said...

These are so cute! There is nothing like cuddling a baby. Hope you're feeling okay!