Friday, November 27, 2009

Thanksgiving Day and Lucy reads a book:)

I love Thanksgving Day. We usually cook our own dinner and host for others but for the past two years we have been able to go up and have dinner with Evan's brother Geoff and family.

We were in charge of bringing rolls, veggies and a pie. I started out wanting to bring carrots that I learned how to make at Williams and Sonoma, but then I had a craving for asparagus. On a road trip someone made us grilled asparagus with a yummy sauce. So I tried making the sauce but didn't have the proportions right, so then I remembered TGIF had crispy bean appetizers, so I decided I should try crispy asparagus. I found a recipe online, but it didn't work out how it said it should, so I made up my own. THEY WERE YUMMY! The kids loved them, and Evan who doesn't like asparagus loved them too! I will definitely make them again.

I was too tired to make rolls, so Costco made them for me and then our wonderful tenants brought us a coconut cream pie from the Lion House Pantry. Yummy food! When we got to their house dinner was ready and the table was set, we just needed to pray and eat. Everything was delicious! Moist turkey, mushroom gravy, potatoes, cranberries, stuffing(with uncle ben's wild rice that Cindy's mom made), yams, lots of pies, and rolls.

Lucy tried the potatoes and gravy, and cranberries. She loved them! Cranberries most of all, taking after her daddy. We said what we were thankful for, played cards, soccer, took pictures and just relaxed, but the end of the night we were happy and ready for bed.

We are Thankful for Lucy
She sleeps through the night She is so smiley She giggles and laughs a lot She makes us feel good as parents She like praying with us, especially when we say 'amen' She loves looking at Jesus She cuddles us She jumps a lot She talks a lot She loves her veggies and fruits She loves playing with us and alone with her toys She LOVES watching My Friends Tigger and Pooh She loves music She doesn't cry much at all, like once a week or two She is our daughter who Heavenly Father entrusted to us And many many more reasons

It was a great Thanksgiving spent with family. Next year I will try to make my part a little more homemade:)

Camila, Isabella, Joshua and Lucy

While these aren't the best pictures, they are great of Lucy, our happy little baby!!!

I love her dress. I got it at a thrift store when I visited my mom, before I was pregnant:)

Day after Thanksgiving
She was loving her book while I was wrapping presents and Evan was doing dishes.

After her nap today she had cuddle and play time with daddy. Now we are getting ready for the park. I love vacation time, especially with great weather !!


Jessica said...

Glad you had a good Thanksgiving! I LOVE that in the picture of Lucy reading a book, she's got her little ankles crossed! SO cute!

Lynsey said...

Sounds like it was a wonderful Thanksgiving and the asparagus looked GREAT! Lucy looked so cute in her dress and reading her book.

Aaron and Amy said...

that is the cutest pic of Lucy laying on Evans shoulder!