Sunday, November 08, 2009


I LOVE being a mom! I feel so blessed to have Lucy and another one on the way. Sometimes I forget I am pregnant because I am so caught up in Lucy. She makes my day. We pretty much have the same routine daily unless I have errands to run or a play date, or completely feeling pregnant and tired:)

Lucy loves my toes. She wants to grab them, eat them, watch them. She talks to them, catches them and squeals at them.

Lucy loves the mirror. Before each nap and after she looks in the mirror and loves herself! She is so cute!

She grabs my face and kisses me with open mouth kisses on my cheeks. Most of the time she holds on to my hair for balance:)

When she sees her bottle her mouth pops open and wants her bottle now.

She still doesn't really cry.

When we get her out of her crib in the morning she almost crawls up your body with delight like she is a runaway's cute!

She talks to herself and is now saying ba-ba and ma-ma for anything, and talks LOTS!

She loves everyone that looks at her, and is a flirt with every boy possible..look out teenange years.

Lucy cuddles Evan and me soooo much! So cute, almost makes us not want to put her to bed.

Lucy loves saying nighttime prayers with us, and the word 'amen' puts her into giggles. I like to think she is laughing with the angels around her:)

She lifts her legs for us when it is diaper time, and is funny about getting dressed.

Lucy sits up and occasionally falls backward so I still put pillows behind her.

She LOVES LOVES LOVES My Friends Tigger and Pooh on the Disney channel, she watches it every day, and sadly more than I probably should let her, but that is life, and thank goodness for it while I rest when I am soooo tired. When we turn it on she flips her body around and giggles, mostly at Tigger and Darby.

She loves her sippy cup and trying ritz crackers and little snacks. Loves eating real food, can't wait until she can just eat what we eat.

Lucy is so cute in her clothes, and we can't seem how to keep her hair down. My sister sent me bows and headbands, so they help a little.

So with all the sad and hard things in life, Lucy just lights up my life and makes me love being a mommy! This 2nd pregnancy hasn't been the easiest, but Lucy makes me want to have more kids, we shall see what happens-Evan thinks we are having three, only time will tell.


Ann Marie said...

That was a sweet post! It is fun being a mom and I love it too! There's days where it's very hard work but it is definitely worth every minute of hard. The easy and fun parts sure outweigh the tough times.
She's getting so big! Keep enjoying these moments because they pass by way too quickly as I'm sure you've noticed already. I hope your pregnancy gets better!

Honey said...

Darling picture - she's so cute!