Saturday, December 12, 2009

Chuck E Cheese

Evan and Lucy playing games together;)

Getting ready for everyone to come:)

I decided that Evan deserved a big 30th party. He has been working so hard and rarely takes time to celebrate himself. Evan is such a kid at heart, part of which I love him so much, and since there isn't room where we are living for a big party, I decided to surprise him with a party at CHUCK E CHEESE'S!!! He loves that place, WE love that place! The pizza is so yummy to us and we love the cheap token games:) We had a few friends from different wards, family and other friends. The only downside of doing it there is you had to be on their party schedule which was slower than what we had hoped for.

I bought tokens early with coupons and made treat bags for everyone with candy and tokens. I had been planning this for more than 2 months, didn't slip a word about it, but then the night before the party Chuck E Cheese called and emailed us confirming the party and SPILLING the beans to Evan..oh well. He was surprised and very happy:)

Thank you everyone who helped with Lucy, such a blessing!!!!

It went well, lots of fun, Lucy and I came home and slept 3 hours after the times!!

I have more picture, will post later with some video:)

Evan meets his birthday mascot, CHUCK E CHEESE

Jefrie took her first picture, of drooling Lucy(she is teething again:))

Cute Birthday Boy, I mean man, Evan

He tippy toed and I squatted, I don't know why we think that is funny, but we do:)

Amy teasing Lucy with Pizza, maybe in a week or two:)

A yummy cake from Costco


Shenna said...

You guys are too cute!!!! I miss being your neighbor. :)

Lynsey said...

What a fun party it was! Thanks for the invite Joseph had soooo much fun playing the games and I had a great time playing skeeball, yes I am addicted to that game. :)