Monday, December 21, 2009

I just love my mom!

I just love my mom! She is so encouraging and makes me feel so good about myself and things I do in my life. We had a Christmas party themed with Whoville and it was amazing. We had crazy food, crazy decorations and an awesome program. I was assigned to bring Candy Jello, and this is what I brought:

I love that while it isn't the healthiest or the most common jello to make, I got GREAT comments from people at the party-wondering where I came up with the idea, and my mom especially made me feel so happy about what a great job I had done after sending her a picture! No matter how silly it is or full of sugar, my mom supports me and lets me know I do great things, and I love that! I guess that is what I can learn for my kids, treat them well and support them with all the love in the world. She is not judgmental nor does she push ideas on to me, she loves me for me:)

I can't wait to see her in February, and then when my next little bundle of joy comes. Too bad we don't live closer, she is a good example of what I should follow.

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Aaron and Amy said...

I love you for you too!!! :-)