Sunday, December 13, 2009

Mac n Cheese and Falafel

Lucy and I have been sick today so Evan has been taking care of us, he made us breakfast in the morning, and offered to watch Lucy so I could sleep all day, I can't get myself to fall asleep, not sure why. Lucy has a runny nose, I have a headache and earache and runny nose. Lucy is a little whiny and we think she is teething with the top two teeth now.

So Evan made us egg mc muffins while I made
smoothies for breakfast. He is becoming a great cook!

and then help me make mac n cheese while I made the falafel balls and dip.

YUMMY! We are all still in pajamas and just relaxing now. Lucy loved the mac n cheese, and when we went to take a picture of her scarfing it down the flash was too much and we got a bad mug shot sort of picture:) Evan saw it and started laughing soooo hard he was crying!
She really did love it though and kept wanting more...good sign. She is OVER baby food. I love watching her eat cheerios, cheese and now mac n cheese, I guess other foods too, but she is so cute! Lucy grabs them and then sucks on them to get flavor and then eats them, it's cute! She doesn't like plain chicken yet, so I mix it in with the applesauce and then she likes it, probably not as bland or dry:) Makes me wonder what my mom fed me:)

We tried cottage cheese last night, not one of her favorites:)

At Evan's party Lucy was pretty cute with Jefrie:

Oh and did I mention that I am back to craving ice and chewing soft ice all of the time!! LOVE IT! I wish sonic was closer, good thing I can ust let my ice thaw out just enough:)

The wind is howling and blowing so hard. It was so crazy earlier it moved the outside grill.

Maybe I will post this, and attempt a nap again:)

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MJ said...

This pregnancy I've been craving ice like CRAZY! That and Maalox.